Jessica Simpson All Songs – Complete Collection

Jessica Simpson has become one of the most popular singers, her songs are talked by more and more people, so we provide you with a complete list of her songs, hope you enjoy them.

But first, let’s learn a little more about Jessica Simpson, according to Wikipedia:

Jessica Ann Simpson (born July 10, 1980) is an American singer, actress, and television personality who rose to fame in the late 1990s. She has achieved seven Billboard Top 40 hits, and has three gold and two multi-platinum RIAA-certified albums. Simpson starred with her then-husband Nick Lachey in the MTV reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. She has also acted in several films. She is the older sister of Ashlee Simpson, an internationally known pop rock singer and actress. She ventured into the country music market in 2008 and released Do You Know.

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Now here come Jessica Simpson All Songs:

Jessica Simpson – Sweet Kisses (1999)

Jessica Simpson - Sweet Kisses (1999)

01. I Wanna Love You Forever
02. I Think I’m In Love With You
03. Where You Are
04. Final Heartbreak
05. Woman In Me
06. I’ve Got My Eyes On You
07. Betcha She Don’t Love you
08. My Wonderful
09. Sweet Kisses
10. Your Faith In Me
11. Heart Of Innocence

Jessica Simpson – Irresistible (2001)

Jessica Simpson - Irresistible (2001)

01. Irresistible
02. A Little Bit
03. Forever In Your Eyes
04. There You Were
05. What’s Is Gonna Be
06. When You Told Me You Loved Me
07. Hot Like Fire
08. Imagination
09. To Fall In Love Again
10. For Your Love
11. I Never
12. His Eyes Is On The Sparrow
13. Irresistible (Hex Hector Club Mix)

Jessica Simpson – In This Skin (Collectors Edition) (2004)

Jessica Simpson - In This Skin (Collectors Edition) (2004)

01. Angels
02. With You
03. Take My Breath Away
04. My Way Home
05. Sweetest Sin
06. I Have Loved You
07. Forbidden Fruit
08. Everyday See You
09. Underneath
10. You Don’t Have to Let Go
11. Loving You
12. In This Skin
13. Be
14. With You (Acoustic Version)

Jessica Simpson – The Singles (1999 – 2004)

Jessica Simpson - The Singles (1999 - 2004)

01. I Wanna Love You Forever
02. I Think I’m in Love With You
03. Where You Are
04. Irresistible
05. A Little Bit
06. When You Told Me You Loved Me
07. Sweetest Sin
08. With You
09. Take My Breath Away
10. Angels
11. These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
12. A Public Affair
13. I Belong To Me
14. With You With You (Acoustic Version)
15. Irresistible (Live from Spring Break)

Jessica Simpson – Unreleased (2007)

Jessica Simpson - Unreleased (2007)

01. Did You Ever Love Somebody (From \’\'Dawson\’s Creek OST\’\')
02. Fearless Love
03. Fly (From \’\'Take My Breath Away (Single B-Side)\’\')
04. I Can, I Will (From \’\'I Wanna Love You Forever (Single B-Side)\’\')
05. Love Me Tender (Lilo & Stitch)
06. My Love (From \’\'In This Skin (Japanese Bouns)\’\')
07. Not The Way It Should Be
08. Part Of Your World (From \’\'VA – Disneymania\’\')
09. You Don\’t Know What Love Is
10. I Belong To Me (Radio&Single Version)
11. The Way
12. Sure Thing
13. Ft.Nick Lachey-A Whole New World (HQ Version)
14. Rockin Around The Christmas Tree
15. Tal vez es amor (I Think I\’m In Love With You Spanish Version)
16. I Have Nothing (From Demo CD)
17. Angels [From Reality Tour DVD]

Jessica Simpson – Public Affair (2007)

Jessica Simpson - Public Affair (2007)

01. A Public Affair
02. B.O.Y.
03. Back To You
04. Between You And I
05. Fired Up
06. I Don’t Want To Care
07. If You Were Mine
08. Let Him Fly
09. Push Your Tush
10. Swing With Me
11. The Lover In Me
12. Walkin’ Around In A Circle
13. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

Jessica Simpson – This Is My Remix! (2007)

Jessica Simpson - This Is My Remix! (2007)

01. A Little Bit (So So Def Remix feat. Blaque)
02. A Public Affair (Cass and Dubbs Mix)
03. Angels (Dave Anthony Remix)
04. Fired Up (DJ Boz2K Remix)
05. I Wanna Love You Forever (Soda Club Radio Edit)
06. Irresistible (Alex G & RipRock Main)
07. Sweetest Sin (Mike Rizzo Global Club Mix)
08. With You (Joy Basu Remix)
09. Take My Breath Away (DJ Sharon Remix)
10. Where You Are (Lenny Bs Radio Mix)
11. These Boots Are Made For Walkin (E-Smooth Vocal Mix)
12. Angels (Acoustic) BONUS TRACK
13. With You (Acoustic) BONUS TRACK

Jessica Simpson – Do You Know (2008)

Jessica Simpson - Do You Know (2008)

1. Come On Over
2. Remember That
3. Pray Out Loud
4. You’re My Sunday
5. Sipping On History
6. Still Beautiful
7. Still Don’t Stop Me
8. When I Loved You Like That
9. Might As Well Be Making Love
10. Man Enough
11. Do You Know (with Dolly Parton)

That’s all. These are Jessica Simpson All Songs, have you heard most of them? If not, why not take action right now?

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